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Hyper Light Technologies Partners with Global Medical Device Development and Regulatory Guidance Firm

Cary, NC, December 10, 2018 – Hyper Light Technologies announced today they have chosen Ximedica as a partner for the development of their surface disinfection device for the healthcare market. Ximedica is a global medical device development and regulatory guidance firm with offices in Providence, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Hong Kong.

The strategic partnership with Ximedica will provide an expansive team of professionals including ME, EE, SE, Human Factors, and regulatory guidance that will assist Hyper Light in the development of their first device utilizing UV energy to inactivate pathogens associated with HAIs.

“We needed a partner that could help take the last decade of our technology development and help shape that into the vision of a user-friendly device that has the ability to save lives by protecting patient environments from the most dangerous pathogens. Ximedca’s expertise in the healthcare setting made them the natural choice for our product development partner. We look forward to seeing how far their team can take our technology.” said C.G. Gillooly, CEO.

Hyper Light is passionate about the fight against HAIs, as all members of the company have had the HAI battle personally touch their lives. Hyper Light projects a late 2020 launch of their first surface disinfection device.

About Hyper Light Technologies
Hyper Light is a privately held, technology platform company located near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.  Our mission is to transform today’s current disinfection approaches by harnessing UV light to combat pathogens.  For more information, visit


For more information contact:
Hyper Light:  Amy Harris

Phone:  919-769-2200

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