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Hotels and restaurants are
breeding grounds for pathogens.

Hotels and restaurants are breeding grounds for pathogens.



A 2012 study1 revealed the “germiest places” in hotel rooms. The study revealed television remotes to be among the most heavily contaminated with bacteria and items on housekeeping carts were shown to carry the potential to cross-contaminate rooms.

Restaurants face their share of challenges as well — from haphazard food prep surface cleaning and storage practices, to employee trips to the restroom, they’re fraught with opportunities for pathogens to spread. Just one restaurant food-borne illness incident can cost up to $2.6 million while the cost of these PR nightmares can be devastating for any hospitality business.

Cool UV technology responds to these needs. Easily deployed, ultra-effective, it promises to quickly address surfaces to reduce or even eradicate threats without disrupting workflows.

Introducing a Revolutionary System to Reduce Pathogens

Our technology uses advanced aerospace engineering and proprietary knowledge to build efficient and effective high energy light platforms that deliver precisely controlled UV wavelengths to targets at ambient temperatures. A technology we call “Cool UVTM”. An exposure of as little as 5 seconds, from a distance of 5 inches away on target can yield up to a 5 log reduction in pathogen load.


1Remote controls are one of the most contaminated objects in hotel rooms (Learn More)

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