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For All of Those On The Front Lines

For All of Those On The Front Lines



  The people on the front lines of health, care, and safety operate in unique and often dangerous environments in order to save lives or prevent harm.  Police, fire, EMT, hospital staff, all of these professionals are highly trained and skilled at providing front line remediation to emergency or otherwise urgent situations.  The very nature of first response often means that these professionals are working in difficult surroundings that can pose a threat to them as well as those they are trying to serve.  These hostile environments are often confined, cramped, and full of other equipment.  Disinfecting these environments has typically been extremely difficult, leading to marginal attempts at best to protect the very people who are trying to protect us.

Aria provides a new solution to this dilemma

Introducing a Revolutionary System to Reduce Pathogens

Our technology uses advanced aerospace engineering and proprietary knowledge to build efficient and effective high energy light platforms that deliver precisely controlled UV wavelengths to targets at ambient temperatures. A technology we call “Cool UVTM”. An exposure of as little as 5 seconds, from a distance of 5 inches away on target can yield up to a 5 log reduction in pathogen load. Our effective, rapid, hand-held system is being design engineered to complement the environmental and patient care workflows to provide UV disinfection without disrupting in-room patient care.


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