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For Those Who Protect and Serve

For Those Who Protect and Serve



Military settings around the world are often unique, demanding hostile environments that pose a threat to our troops above and beyond their intended mission.  Military equipment tends to be highly specialized and mission critical.  Cleaning these environments and the equipment used in them has not been a high priority in the past.  The growth of increasingly resistant biological pathogens and pandemic level viruses has changed that view.  Protecting our defense resources and personnel is no longer limited to the obvious threats from political enemies.  Today there is an equally dangerous enemy, an enemy who is invisible but lethal.

Arai can provide protection

Introducing a Revolutionary System to Reduce Pathogens

Our technology uses advanced aerospace engineering and proprietary knowledge to build efficient and effective high energy light platforms that deliver precisely controlled UV wavelengths to targets at ambient temperatures. A technology we call “Cool UVTM”. An exposure of as little as 5 seconds, from a distance of 5 inches away on target can yield up to a 5 log reduction in pathogen load.


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