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Change the Story
of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)

Change the Story of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)



Two million patients suffer annually from an HAI1

One out of every 25 hospital admissions will incur an HAI

US hospitals currently spend $45 billion annually treating HAIs2

Typical cleaning practices decontaminate only 50% of problem surfaces.3

Current UV devices require disruptive cycle times and precautions

The pervasive threat of increasingly resistant superbugs requires new strategies, protocols, technologies, and applications. Cool UV arms healthcare personnel with the most advanced pathogen inactivation technology available — a safe, hand-held device that targets critical pathogen recontamination trouble spots. Our 5-5-5 solution disinfects high-touch areas in five seconds from a distance of five inches achieving up to a five-log inactivation rate. That’s 99.9998%! Cool UV technology can reach hidden trouble-spots that are routinely missed in the shadows of conventional UV devices.

  • Effective — Cool UV achieves unparalleled rates of disinfection.
  • Safe — Unlike standard UV devices, Cool UV technology employs advanced aerospace engineering to dissipate heat and shield both technicians and patients from UV light exposure.
  • Fast — Cool UV delivers ground-breaking effectiveness in as little as five seconds.
  • Efficient — Get better surface disinfection, faster with no need to evacuate, close, or seal off rooms.

Introducing a Revolutionary System to Reduce Pathogens

Our technology uses advanced aerospace engineering and proprietary knowledge to build efficient and effective high energy light platforms that deliver precisely controlled UV wavelengths to targets at ambient temperatures. A technology we call “Cool UVTM”. An exposure of as little as 5 seconds, from a distance of 5 inches away on target can yield up to a 5 log reduction in pathogen load. Our effective, rapid, hand-held system is being design engineered to complement the environmental and patient care workflows to provide UV disinfection without disrupting in-room patient care.


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