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Cutting Edge Technology
Stays Ahead of the Pathogen Threat

Cutting Edge Technology
Stays Ahead of the Pathogen Threat


At Lumagenics, we’re developing innovative solutions to safely, swiftly, and precisely eradicate the threat of even the most resistant pathogens in our most vulnerable industries. We don’t believe in resting on past success, but continually seek out better solutions that ensure the safety of others while protecting business investments.

Our Core Values

Passionate Dedication

We’re goal-oriented and proactive. No challenge is too big when it comes to changing outcomes.

Meaningful Change

We bring an intensity to innovation that’s leading the way in infection control and rewriting the story of disinfection.

Continuous Improvement

We gain skills and acquire experience by maintaining a flexible yet focused approach to optimization.

Meet Our Unbeatable Team

Lumagenics is based near Research Triangle Park, NC, home to some leading life sciences corporations and surrounded by top medical research institutions affiliated with world-class universities. In this environment we’ve assembled a team of recognized industry leaders and experts across a range of disciplines, each committed to our game-changing mission to eradicate pathogens.

C. Gordon “Chip” Gillooly


Kurt Garrett

Founder and President

Todd Pope

Chairman of the Board

Amy Harris

Vice President, Strategy & Marketing

Natalie Alvarez

VP, Corporate Development

David Chapin

VP, Product Development

David Weber, M.D., M.P.H.

Scientific Advisory Board

Maria Gergen-Teague

Senior Research Technologist

Kathleen Regan

Office Manager

Business Partners


IDWeek 2019

Lumagenics and Dr. David Weber, are at IDWeek 2019 in Washington DC to present the scientific efficacy of our new technology, Cool UV™. Cool UV™ is…

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