Lumagenics is on a mission to harness
UV light to combat pathogens.

Healthcare Infection Rates

The CDC in 2013 stated that the human race had entered into a “post-antibiotic era.”2 Since then, Health care systems throughout the world have been challenged and frequently losing the fight in this critical battle to control harmful pathogens.

Unless we find better ways to combat these microorganisms, we will see more deaths and increased health care costs.

  • Approximately 2 million patients suffer with healthcare-associated infections in the US.1
  • 1 out of 25 hospital admissions result in a healthcare associated infection
  • 99,000 attributed deaths each year
  • Leading to billions in excess costs

Traditional approaches including antibiotics and disinfecting chemicals can’t keep up with a pathogen’s logarithmic growth or ability to develop new forms of resistance.

Lumagenics is on a mission to reduce the deadly effects of these pathogens.

1: Economic burden of healthcare-associated infections: an American perspective, Patricia W Stone, PhD, FAAN,
3: The antimicrobial resistance crisis: causes, consequences, and management.Michael CA, Dominey-Howes D, Labbate M Front Public Health. 2014; 2():145.

A Revolutionary System.

Our technology uses advanced aerospace engineering and proprietary knowledge to build efficient and effective high energy light platforms that deliver precisely controlled UV wavelengths to targets at ambient temperatures. A technology we call “Cool UVTM.

An exposure of as little as 5 seconds, from a distance of 5 inches away on target can yield up to a 5 log reduction in pathogen load.

Our effective, rapid, hand-held system is being design engineered to complement the environmental and patient care workflows to provide UV disinfection without disrupting in-room patient care.

Building for the Future

The intended product use is to disinfect all high-touch surface areas on a daily, routine and terminal cleaning basis by passing the UV light from the hand-held applicator directly over the surface area from a distance of 1-5 inches.

The Lumagenics patented technology “Cool UVTM” is safe to use on all surfaces and with staff and/or patients nearby.

  • Rapid, effective, no heat disinfection
  • Safe on all surfaces and materials
  • For use in and around the patient environment


  • Reduction of hospital-acquired infections
  • Reduction of surgical site infections (SSI’s)
  • Reduction of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP)
  • Reduction of endoscope infections
  • Maintenance of sterile tools
  • Maintenance of sterile implants

Life sciences

  • As a treatment for metastatic melanoma in animal models
  • As a treatment for cervical cancer in animal models
  • As a treatment for dermatitis in animals
  • As a treatment for in vitro research employing exotic pathogens
  • As a methodology for aphaeresis pathogen reduction


  • Reduce food-borne illnesses
  • Sanitize food hard surfaces and contaminated waste streams
  • Sanitizing of food containers
  • Sanitizing prepared food equipment and utensils
  • Meet pasteurization requirements

Bioterrorism / Biosecurity

  • Eliminating the threat of harmful pathogens on surfaces
  • Sanitizing treatment of cloth, paper, parcel, plastics and composites of personal items for legislative body and government
  • Disinfection of living, working environments
  • Integration in air supply and interface of field containment units
  • Deep disinfection of preparation, samples, shipping
  • Deep disinfection by deployable portable units to infected areas


  • Kill Legionnaires’ and other similar pathogens
  • Potentially remove contaminants in brownfields, etc.

Impressive Results

These inactivation rates are comparable to “stand alone, no touch” technologies but in a fraction of the time. An exposure time of as little as 1-5 seconds can kill up to 99.9998% of targeted pathogens.

Protocol – Distance: 5” / Exposure time: 5 seconds / Temperature: Ambient

An experienced team

Lumagenics is a privately held company located near the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. We are dedicated to transforming today’s current approaches to pathogen-oriented problems. To that end, we’ve assembled a team of experts in diverse fields including, power systems engineering, optical sensor instrumentation, electromagnetic radiant energy design (custom DUV lamp design), optical systems design and healthcare product design and engineering.


Chip Gillooly

Kurt Garrett
Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Todd Pope
Board Chairman

Amy Harris
VP, Strategy & Marketing

Natalie Alvarez
VP, Corporate Development

David Chapin
VP, Product Development

David Weber, M.D., M.P.H.
Scientific Advisory Board

Maria Gergen-Teague
Senior Research Technologist

Kathleen Regan
Office Manager


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